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This powerful modern concept that ultimately underlies generality, as van Fraassen persuasively argued, contrasts starkly with the “old” concept of symmetry prior to 1794 which connotes certain kinds of proportion linked to specific contexts: commensuration in mathematics, and an evaluative assessment (well proportioned, moderate), or the correspondence of architectural elements at equal distances on opposite sides of a central feature in the aesthetic domain. In the following chapters we show that this appeal to proportionality neither entails epistemological dicta as methodological constraints, nor does it provide a general, unifying perspective of structural ontology.

Il en sera tout autrement le jour o`u cette combinaison prendra place dans une classe de combinaisons analogues et o`u nous aurons remarqu´e cette analogie; nous ne serons plus en pr´esence d’un fait, mais d’une loi. Et, ce jour-l`a, le v´eritable inventeur, ce ne sera pas l’ouvrier qui aura patiemment e´ difi´e quelques-unes de ces combinaisons, ce sera celui qui aura mis en e´ vidence leur parent´e. Le premier n’aura vu que le fait brut, l’autre seul aura senti l’ˆame du fait. ” 28 1 Introduction application of some concept in a scientific text even when no specific term is attested for it.

See also Hon and Goldstein 2006b. 65 Van Fraassen 1989, 235, 236. 66 Van Fraassen 1989, 239. 67 This is akin to the distinction Michael Redhead put forward in his seminal work on symmetry in intertheory relations. ”69 Redhead calls the former class physical symmetries as distinct from the latter which he calls mathematical. This distinction between physical and mathematical symmetry reflects a similar approach to that of van Fraassen, namely, Redhead separates symmetry as content (“substantively”) dependent, and symmetry which is free of this constraint and answers, so to speak, only to the logic of the situation; the latter being of much greater generality.

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