By Jonathan A. Hillman

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To assault yes difficulties in four-dimensional knot idea the writer attracts on numerous thoughts, concentrating on knots in S^T4, whose primary teams comprise abelian general subgroups. Their category includes the main geometrically attractive and top understood examples. furthermore, it truly is attainable to use fresh paintings in algebraic the way to those difficulties. New paintings in 4-dimensional topology is utilized in later chapters to the matter of classifying 2-knots.

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Foliated areas glance in the neighborhood like items, yet their international constitution is mostly now not a product, and tangential differential operators are correspondingly extra complicated. within the Eighties, Alain Connes based what's referred to now as noncommutative geometry. one of many first effects was once his generalization of the Atiyah-Singer index theorem to compute the analytic index linked to a tangential (pseudo)-differential operator and an invariant transverse degree on a foliated manifold, when it comes to topological facts at the manifold and the operator.

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With one exception, those papers are unique and entirely refereed examine articles on a variety of purposes of classification concept to Algebraic Topology, common sense and machine technological know-how. The exception is an exceptional and long survey paper by way of Joyal/Street (80 pp) on a starting to be topic: it offers an account of classical Tannaka duality in this sort of means as to be available to the final mathematical reader, and to offer a key for access to extra fresh advancements and quantum teams.

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Corollary If and B is a PDn -group over 0 and B have homological dimension over 0 tion = K is a 2-knot sucb tbat M(K) is aspberical tben K is not a nontrivial satellite knot. In particular, K is irreducible. Proof Let K 1 and K 2 be two 2-knots, and let "1 be an element of TrK 1· If "1 has finite order let q be that order; otherwise let q = O. Let a me ridian in Tr K 2. CTrK l' where by van Kampen's Theorem the amalgamation is over C = Z/qZ is identified with "1 in TrK 1 [Ka 1983J. (K 2;K 1,"1) = and w 52 Chaptcr 4 THE RANK 1 CASE It is a well known consequence of the asphericity of the comple- ments of classical knots that classical knot groups are torsion free.

Clearly there are no nontrivial maps from such a group to a torsion free group such as Q. This notion is of particular interest in connection with solvable groups. 111, if 0 is a finitely genera ted infinite solvable group and T maximal locally-finite normal subgroup then OIT is nontrivial. it has a nontrivial abelian normal subgroup, which is is its Therefore necessarily torsion free. Thus we may apply the theorems of the preceeding two sections to 4-manifolds with such groups. We shall consider solvable 2-knot groups in Chapter 6.

Hausmann and Kervaire have shown that every finitely generated abelian group A centre of some n -knot group, for each n that if P is a finitely presentable ~ 3 [HK 1978'1. superperfect group and is the They observe G is a knot group then by the KUnneth theorem Hi(GXP;Z) = HlG;Z) for i " 2, and If moreover there is an c1ement P in GxP has centre ((G XP) = CG XCP. P such that the subgroup [p,PI generated by {(p,xl = pxp- 1 x- 1 :x in P} is the weight whole of P, and if g element for erally if P l' in Pi Pi) CG (i)CP 1(i).

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