By Raymond P. Scheindlin

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C f Folmer 1995:74-94, esp. 76-84. This and the following case are merely two random examples disproving the theory of Gropp (1990:173-75) that the non-assimilation/dissimilation is typical of Elephantine legal papyri and the Arsames correspondence. 4; nmb A inf. 1:2. hi fact, the language of the Hermopolis papyri is consistent in this regard^'), whereas that of the Bauer-Meissner papyrus is mixed, for w e also find forms such as ]nDK (10), cf. also npb^ (9). a regular and k n o w n feature of Old AramaicC*^) points rather to the reverse of Leander's YlSSl-OO That the chronology is only one of several possible factors involved is indisputable in view of nnano 'to bring down,' np'PD 'to take,' and the h k e in the 9th cent.

M. 1990. The language of Samaria papyri: a preliminary study. Maarav 5-6:169-87. Haneman, G. 1975. t^ipom TOon "yn" on^n-n'^a bv [On the preposition in the Mishnah and the Bible]. Les 40:33-53. Harrak, A. 1992. Des noms d'annee en arameen. WO 23:68-74. P. and J. Hoftijzer. 1970. Notae hermopolitanae. Vr20:98-106. Hesterman, K. 1992. T n^mt^n "ntoin" n^pnpi miK—{^nn =) "'jno" [{'1212 (= *"'3np)—a 'new' grammatical form in Elephantine Aramaic]. Le5 57:7-15. Hetzron, R. 1969. Third person singular prnoun suffixes in ProtoSemitic.

The usually cited Arb. /nataSa/ is difficult for a couple of reasons: /t/ for /dJ and its meaning "to pull out, snatch away," though the sibilant is no problem, for Arb. /Aram. /§/. form A beginning of the development is foreshadowed by an exceptional "PN 'let him not inherit' Sefire I C 24 for the regular m\ Cf. Folmer 1995: 70-74. So already Schaeder (1930:243), but "historical spelling": Kaufman (1974:29). Another instance where foreign influence has often been suspected is ptoscr 'they will contest' C l .

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