By Charles R. Heflin

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30 pm. Consider it a nightcap! You can let your dog sit near the crate as you give him his meal and 42 sit with him as he eats. Once again as before, after 10 minutes he would need to go to the elimination spot. Once he finishes off, play with him a little and praise him for being such a good pup. Take him out again 30 minutes later and bring him back to the crate. G Go oo od dN Niig gh htt!! Once in the crate, your puppy will fall asleep pretty quickly if he has been adequately tired out. He would also be comfortable as his tummy feels good and his bladder and bowels are clear.

In fact the more exercise you give your dog in the evenings the more soundly he will sleep all-night and considering all the hard work you have done—you need to sleep too! So make his tiny legs run around chasing the ball until you see the signs that he is wearing out. You have to channel the pup’s energy otherwise you will have a hyper dog with whom you would sooner or later lose patience with. S Stto op p tth hee w waatteerr a att 6 6p pm m!! Now you have to take care not to give your dog any water after 6pm.

If you allow too much sniffing, you can rest assured that he will potty on the way. Be firm, say ‘outside’ and lead him to the spot. Once there, use the command words, ‘Potty time’. Praise him when he follows you. ) and don’t let go of the leash. Once he does his job, praise him and walk him out of the elimination spot and out for a little surprise walk. Please be careful to make sure it is not strenuous or away from the house because puppies can catch infections very easily and you need to wait for a while before you can venture out of the house and the yard.

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