By John Janovy Jr., Gerald W. Esch

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Reviews key components in ecological, clinical and molecular parasitology

  • Features essays from a few of the world's leading parasitologists


  • Each subject is decided in context via that includes a key paper from the magazine of Paraistology during the last a hundred years

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Given the difficulty in procuring actual humans for the study of malaria, the best way to create a human malaria model is to develop a system that employs a continuous in vitro culture of a parasite species that naturally infects humans. Although many attempts had been made, Trager had the intellectual insight to simply culture the human red blood cells and allow them to sustain a Plasmodium species rather than trying 14 A Century of Parasitology to culture the parasite directly. Accordingly, Trager and a student, James Jensen, created a feasible model with their development of a “slow medium flow” culture system using Plasmodium falciparum and then perfected what they called the “candle jar method” for continuous culture (Trager, 1976; Trager and Jensen, 1976; Jensen and Trager, 1977).

His work clearly demonstrated Parasitic protozoology and the scientific lessons of intellectual elegance 13 that host susceptibility to parasitic infection, and perhaps host–parasite specificity, are stochastic, rather than fixed, properties. Although these observations seem obvious, even today most parasitological research assumes that susceptibility and specificity are phylogenetic rather than ecological properties. Without a doubt, understanding how host-parasite associations form and change over time requires careful empirical use of an appropriately malleable model system.

Proceedings of the Oklahoma Academy of Science 44: 58–61. ________. 1966. Epidemiology of Plasmodium hexamerium Huff, 1935, in meadowlarks and starlings of the Cheyenne Bottoms, Barton County, Kansas. Journal of Parasitology 52: 573–578. ________. 1966. Mosquitoes of the Cheyenne Bottoms Waterfowl management Area, Barton County, Kansas. Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society 39: 557- 561. ________, M. G. Bolek, J. Detwiler, S. Schwank, A. Knipes, and G. Langford. 2007. Gregarina niphandrodes (Eugregarinorida: Septatorina): Oocyst surface architecture.

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