By Elizabeth A. Cowper

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This textbook is meant to provide scholars a brief begin in utilizing idea to deal with syntactic questions. At each one degree, Cowper is cautious to introduce a theoretical equipment that's not more advanced than is needed to accommodate the phenomenon into consideration. accomplished and up to date, this available quantity also will supply an exceptional refresher for linguists returning to the learn of Government-Binding theory". Cowper shows the analytical units of present principles-and-parameters techniques, takes readers conscientiously during the important components of grammatical concept (including very fresh work), and ushers them selectively into the technical literature. . . . a significant advent in the event you need to know the nuts and bolts of syntactic conception and to determine why linguists are so excited those days". -David Lightfoot, collage of Maryland "An very good brief creation to the govt and Binding version of syntactic concept. . . . Cowper's paintings succeeds in instructing syntactic argumentation and in exhibiting the conceptual purposes at the back of particular proposals in sleek syntactic theory". -Jaklin Kornfilt, Syracuse collage

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B. c. under the porch in the garden on the stove beside the woman with the man for the child The prepositions in (8) are all prepositions of location, and the prepositional phrases are clearly locative. The noun phrases in (9) are all animate, but there is no sense in which the prepositional phrases are animate. We have now seen two examples in which semantic properties of the head of a phrase are also properties of the phrase as a whole. In recent years much work has been done on the basis of the double-barreled assumption that properties of the head are properties of the phrase, and properties of the phrase are properties of the head.

A. b. John [bought a car on Monday] and [sold his bicycle on Tuesday]. Sue [buys] and [sells] antiques. Fred [buys junk] and [sells antiques] in Vancouver. The [large houses] and [small stores] were torn down. The large [boxes of crackers] and [bottles of milk] were stolen. [The tall man] and [a short woman] were dancing. The [king] and [queen] of Sweden arrived. The furniture was very [old] and [worn]. The house was [rather large] but [very crowded]. The little boy fell [off the chair] and [onto the floor].

101) S ~ N" V" In early work in this framework, two proposals were made. One, Jackendoff (1977), holds that V is the head of S and, thus, that S is really V"'. The other, Emonds (1976), claims that S is a special category with no unique head. In either case, there are problems. Let us consider Jackendoff's proposal first. If S is a projection of V, then N" (the subject), being non-head material, ought to be optional. Thus sentences like (102) should be grammatical. (102) *Left this morning. Clearly, S is an exception to the generalization that non-head material is optional.

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