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Ji-klik. ' [iii]. As the reduced forms of objects: (only the suffixal forms) 6. Bek ka-peuklik-iih Don't 2y-make cry-3y 'Don't 7. 3 Pronoun Ordering Constraints In Acehnese sentences, pronouns or pronominal affixes may sometimes occur side by side. But sometimes such ordering may cause ungrammaticality. The ordering of 45 pronouns and pronominal affixes in Acehnese is governed by the following constraints. 8. Constraints on Pronoun Ordering. [i] Two pronominal suffixes cannot be ordered in succession in a sentence.

It is politer to call an older or respected person by his title than to mention his name; calling his name may be considered rude unless the caller is at the same age and status or it is necessary to mention the name. ' The following are some of the title words. ). Teungku : 'religious scholar, cleric' Used for a religious scholar or cleric. It is also used for a grown up male for whom pronoun gopnvan is used. ' is used. Tuwangku : Title for male decendants of Aceh Kings. Pocut : Title for female decendants of Aceh Kings.

The discussions are organized in the following manner. Chapter 1 is the introduction, which consists of six sections, each deals respectively with a discussion on 32 ethnography, the dialects, previous works on Acehnese, a short note on phonology, the purpose of the study, and the organization of the study. Chapter 2 contains a discussion on the derivations of nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. These are necessary because in Durie (1985) adjectives are considered as verbs. In this grammar, adjectives are treated separately from verbs.

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