By Vyvyan Evans

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Cognitive linguistics is without doubt one of the such a lot speedily increasing colleges in linguistics with, via now, a magnificent and complicated technical vocabulary. This alphabetic advisor supplies an updated advent to the foremost phrases in cognitive linguistics, protecting all of the significant theories, ways, principles and lots of of the suitable theoretical constructs. The word list additionally contains a short creation to cognitive linguistics, an in depth annotated analyzing checklist and an inventory of a few of the most important researchers in cognitive linguistics. The word list can be utilized as a significant other quantity to Cognitive Linguistics, by way of Vyvyan Evans and Melanie eco-friendly, or as a stand-alone creation to cognitive linguistics and its hitherto most sensible constructed sub-branches: cognitive semantics, and cognitive techniques to grammar.

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Cognitive model profile A theoretical construct in LCCM Theory. Refers to the set of cognitive models to which 24 A GLOSSARY OF COGNITIVE LINGUISTICS a given lexical concept affords access. The cognitive model profile serves to provide the semantic potential from which, in conjunction with processes of lexical concept integration, conceptual structure is selected, contributing to the emergence of a conception. By way of illustrating the relationship between a lexical concept and its cognitive model profile, consider the lexical concept [france]; note that a lexical concept is glossed using small capitals in square brackets.

Conceptualisation relates to the nature of dynamic thought to which language can contribute. From the perspective of cognitive linguistics, linguistic units such as words do not ‘carry’ meaning(s), but contribute to the process of meaning construction which takes place at the conceptual level. ) conceptualising capacity A common capacity, shared by all humans, to generate concepts, which derives from fundamental and shared aspects of human cognition. Rather than positing universal linguistic principles, cognitive linguists posit a common set of cognitive abilities which serve to both facilitate and constrain the development of our conceptual system.

The Correspondence Principle states that profiled argument roles are obligatorily matched with profiled participant roles, but builds some flexibility into the system by allowing that one of the participant roles may or may not be constructionally profiled in the case of a verb with three participant roles. Equally, the ditransitive construction can contribute a third argument role to a two-participant verb. counterparts In Mental Spaces Theory, elements in different mental spaces that are linked by connectors.

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