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E. f. g. h. a ~ e ~ a ~ ai ~ ei ~ ui ~ ei ~ ei ~ III. many few many many two many alternation of the rime i iei (i)ei aai i i ai iei~ aai many one three several one one three one VERB PHRASES. In (13), the verb phrase template is given. The template contains two argument slots that may be filled with pronominal prefixes expressing the U arguments INTRODUCTION 17 (the A argument is not expressed inside the VP). The template contains three slots for aspect. 3 Many Abui verbs occur with one or two arguments.

Lu fala ‘river’ ‘house’ kamol ‘basket for betel nut’ fe tofa ‘pig’ ‘shelter’ /r/ /rɑ’fuŋ/ /bɪ’rɑ/ /mur’tɪk/ /tur/ (26) tenga angmona lakangfak song /l/ /lu/ /fɑ’lɑ/ *CV[l]CV# /kɑmɔl/ (27) /f/ /fɛ/ /tɔ’fɑ/ *CV[f]CV# *CV[f]# 34 (28) CHAPTER II /s/ /sɛ’rɑŋ/ /mɑ’sɑŋ/ serang masang ‘clan’ ‘sanctuary, Ind. mezbah’ h-ièng4 nahaa ‘his eye’ ‘younger sibling’ wi nowang ‘stone’ ‘cover, blanket Ind. ’ *CV[s]CV# *CV[s]# (29) /h/ /hɪɛ̀ŋ/ /nɑ’hɑː/ *CV[h]CV# *CV[h]# (30) /w/ /’wɪ/ /nɔ’wɑŋ/ *CV[w]CV# *CV[w]# (31) /j/ /jɑ/ /ku’jɑ/ *CV[j]CV /kɑːj/ Glottal stop /ʔ/is commonly inserted as ‘default’ onset in vowel-initial words.

Controlling and volitional participants of an event are identified as actors. Actors are realized as A arguments with NPs and/or free pronouns. This is illustrated in (6). In (a), the A argument is expressed with the NP maama ‘father’ and the free pronoun di (3A); in (b), the A argument is expressed by the free pronoun di (3A). TRANSITIVE (6) INTRANSITIVE a. CPL ‘the father set down one drum’ b. CPL ‘s/he/they came’ Affected participants of an event are identified as undergoers and realized as U arguments with NPs and/or bound pronouns.

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A grammar of Abui: a Papuan language of Alor, Part 2 by František Kratochvíl

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A grammar of Abui: a Papuan language of Alor, Part 2 by František Kratochvíl PDF
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