By Birgit Hellwig

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This is the 1st description of Goemai, a West Chadic language of Nigeria. Goemai is spoken in a language touch region, and this touch has formed Goemai grammar to the level that it may be thought of a reasonably untypical Chadic language. The grammar offers the constitution of the present-day language, relates it to its diachronic assets, and provides a semantic viewpoint to the description.

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Fu addition to voiceless aspirated and non-aspirated obstruents, Goemai has voiced obstruents and implosives. , they are characterized by a few irregular periods of voicing during the closure and an irregularity in the first few voicing periods at the onset of the vowel (as described in Ladefoged and Maddieson 1996: 85-86). Table (3) illustrates these contrasts among obstruents with the help of some (near) minimal pairs. Table 3. J sprinkle bottle next sit bat /d! J /d! SP penis past tail dip cfu dak dOk dar] lr/ bum short snake type guard/wait day grass fish type tie red 2PL cut nose palm hair smell up/down quiet lizard Phonemes, tonemes and orthography 23 Table 3 (continued).

Table 9. t rw~ fish remove lay kill ant type PL. at 'nflal 'n~ 'nz~ viper PL. rap 'n3a 'nhW5 'nma:n 'nna 'nVak 'nra 'nwam ''j{t in mouth north in belly killed ant type CONJ how straight back kite bitten quick washed at body at hand fish type bee ant type ant type pierced mine granny thrown weaving fish type worm 30 Phonology and tonology Despite the existence of minimal pairs, consonants modified by secondary features are not analyzed as separate phonemes, but as a coalescence of two consonants.

8 And Hoffmann (1975) posits parallel developments for all obstruents (see also Jungraithmayr and lbriszimow 1994: xx-xxix; P Newman 1977a: 15; P. Newman and Ma Newman 1966: 226). Under this scenario, the existence of voiced obstruents in the Angas-Goemai group does need an explanation. They may go back to either prenasalized voiced consonants (as suggested by Greenberg 1958; Jungraithmayr and lbriszimow 1994: xx-xxix), or they may have entered the languages through recent borrowings from Chadic Bole-Tangale languages (as suggested by Yalwa 1998).

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