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Traditionally it has been assumed that that-deletion has increased over time. However, the history of that-deletion is complex; there appears to be no simple path from that to the zero form. Rissanen (1991) concludes that “omission” is perhaps not an optimal term because “[a]t the level of spoken expression zero may well have been the unmarked object link throughout the history of English” (287). He finds zero to be scantily attested in OE and early ME, but to have gained ground in late ME and to have reached its height in the seventeenth century.

Writing against Potts, Blakemore (2006) argues that because the interpretation of the gaps in parentheticals often requires pragmatic enrichment, parentheticals cannot be inserted into the syntax at the level of grammatical representation but must be inserted at the level of pragmatic interpretation. Potts’s locality condition must be regarded as a constraint on conceptual representation. , not syntactically integrated with the anchor clause. In initial position, the status of such forms is syntactically indeterminate between matrix clauses (with that deleted) and true parentheticals.

2004) call the “extraction” analysis, the parenthetical begins as syntactically integrated with the anchor, the syntactic bond is broken, and it is then moved into position in the anchor clause. This approach is typically used to account for comment clauses such as I think or you know. The parenthetical originates as a main clause with the anchor as its complement, as in I think that the world is flat. Deletion of the complementizer that allows for movement of one of the constituents. 3). , I think that.

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