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M bo £=ja;Ć£] ‘sugarcane and’ Here in (94b) and (94c) a similar clitic-type tone is observed, but in (94a), which is an example of the clitic following a word of a falling tone, a falling tone is observed. These clitics show a special clitic-type tone when they follow a word that is not of a falling tone, but when they follow a word of a falling tone, they show differnt tones complying with the three basic pitch patterns. This phenomenon is also true of the other clitics. What this shows is: i) that a clitic-type tone is unique to clitics, but is not their intrinsic tone; ii) that clitics have their intrinsic tones complying with the three basic pitch patterns, as can be observed only when they follow a word of a falling tone, as in (93a) and (94b), and that they lose their intrinsic tones when they follow a word not of a falling tone, resulting in bearing a pitch starting lower than the final pitch of the preceding word and falling a little.

9 Sequence of vowels Ă Ă Some morphemes with a vowel sequence /au/ show variants such as £ yokau ∼£ yoko Ă ∼£ yoka ‘few, little’. The sequence /au/ is pronounced as [ou∼Ou] when preceded by /w/. Two sequences of vowels, /au/ and /ai/, are the most freely distributed sequences and show high frequency of occurrence. Only these two types of sequence are found in the second syllable of a word. Other sequences occur only in the first syllable of a word. The sequence /eu/ also exhibits wide distribution.

JalĎ£=ko £pe £] ‘men’ Ă b. [aĂ£pal £=koĂ£peĂ£] ‘women’ Ă c. [N ge £=koĂ£peĂ£] ‘girls’ When it follows a word of a falling tone like (93a), this clitic has a high pitch on all the syllables. But in (93b) and (93c), it has a pitch pattern starting lower than the last pitch of the preceding word and falling a little more, [koĂ£peĂ£]. This pattern is different from those we have seen so far. It occurs when a clitic follows a word that is not of a falling tone, and from this point on I will call this a clitic-type tone.

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