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Bruxelles Inv. E. 7616: Essai d'interpretation (=PLEat. vii). Leiden, 1954. g= Vergote, J. De Oplossing van een gewichtig Probleem: De Vocalisatie van de Egyptische werkwoordvormen (with summary in French). 1960. Vergote, J. " BIFAO 58 (1959), 1-19. Vergote, Phonetique= Vergote, J. Phonetique historique de l' egyptien. Vol. i. · Les consonnes. Bibliotheque du Museon 19. Louvain, 1945. Vergote,J. " Philologische Studien. l{atholieke Universiteit te Leuven, 4e Jaargang (1932-33), 28-82. Vergote, J.

242. C. THE SOURCES This grammar is based upon all the non-literary papyri and ostraca from Roman and Byzantine Egypt. , among the papyri. But magical papyri and inscriptions, including mummy labels, are cited only for purposes of comparison. Literary pieces like the writings of the poet of Aphrodito (PCairMasp. ) and all metrical tombstone and other inscriptions are excluded from consideration. Documents are cited as described on pp. 34-35. Besides the identification by edition and number, the only other reference I ordinarily give is the date of writing, exact to the year when possible, so that the evolution of the language can be established within as precise a chronology as the documents allow.

By forms or tenses) is followed for a particular reason. Isolated errors do not constitute the basis for a grammar. A form which occurs hapax is so designated and included only if it :fits in with the general development of the Greek language or can be explained through bilingual in­ terference. In the rare instances when I can cite all the examples of an orthographic variation or grammatical form, I clearly indicate this. In all other instances, I indicate the frequency of occurrence of a phenomenon by terms which are necessarily approximate, because tabulation of statistics proved impossible in most instances and significant in others only to show how frequent one phe­ nomenon was in comparison with others found in documents from the same time and place.

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