By Charles R. Geisst (auth.)

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Two types of forward trade exist, the firm trade and the conditional trade. Under a firm trade, a buyer takes delivery at a specific price but has several options open to him: he may pay for the transaction at whatever date has been agreed with the seller, he may sell out the position in the interim, or he may carry the position over into the Stock Markets 39 contango market, the marche des reports. In this latter sense, there is no real difference with the contango method used in London. Using a conditional trade in the forward market, the investor has an additional choice.

Whether or not many of the convenient aphorisms the markets use will endure is not of primary importance here but it should be remembered that when coupled with market fundamentals and jargon they can become very impressive arguments which mayor may not necessarily reflect the actual condition of the markets' health or direction. AMERICAN STOCK MARKETS When one speaks of the American stock markets it is normally assumed that the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is meant exclusively. However, the two names are not necessarily interchangeable because the NYSE is quite distinct from the other stock exchanges and the over-the-counter market.

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