By B. Collins

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This name issues mans touch with the animal international: sacrifice, sacred animals, vitamin, and domestication. Chapters on artwork, literature, faith and animal husbandry demonstrate an image of the complicated relationships among the peoples of the traditional close to East and (their) animals.
A reference consultant and key to the menagerie of the traditional close to East, with plentiful unique illustrations.

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Their reputation for ferocity is embodied in a number of classical myths, including that of the great Kalydonian boar killed by Meleager and Atalanta, as well as the beast of Erymanthus captured by Hercules in the fourth of his labors. Bone finds suggest that a close relative of the pig, the hippopotamus (Hippopotamus amphibius), inhabited coastal areas of the southern Levant until at least the Iron Age, and historical accounts document its existence along the Egyptian Nile prior to the eighteenth century.

The enormous output of metabolic energy required to grow them year after year contributes an important visual cue for ranking, which, along with body size, olfactory signals, and other indicators, determines social status and probably reduces the number of fights over access to females. Evenly matched males will become combative, but they tend to lock antlers and muscle each other, letting brute strength determine the victor without much stabbing and serious injury. Shortly following the rut, antlers are cast.

Larger food particles are further ground down by regurgitating a portion (a bolus) of the rumen contents, remasticating this cud to comminute the plant fibers, and reswallowing it into the second chamber, or reticulum, for continued fermentation. Water is extracted from the ingesta in the third chamber, or omasum, and ordinary digestion is carried on in the fourth chamber, or abomasum, as well as the small intestine. Nursing lambs and kids take milk directly into the abomasum through a detour groove that forms in the esophagus.

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