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This article combines a transparent presentation of grammar at an intermediate point with communicative perform. It offers guided perform of either shape and which means, for lecture room or self-study, and likewise deals a checking out programme for prognosis and development.

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EXERCISE IX Translate into English : 1. o3J3o3Je, te3ij nr~ zr3e~~o3JZ ;3~ r~3 ")d~~ao3JNJ~ ;~onXJ776. 3. zzJt~mN 8od3WJJ ? 4. ~3e~de~ ~J~z er~ :~JoUA nttrDd z3s~~~ aJ! ~3 adN~ ~~~~r~J! 5. z3e~dJ ~io3JO9JOi ~~ erv~~d n=UJr) -15Y P3Sc1(vo3NJ~ EfS~J~c7_,~ ; ~3~NNJd o~0~r~,1Jw~e ! 6. e3ddJ ;~a Ve3ij0. 7. i~N ids 6~Z ~e3 ~ ~JJO~3 zNor~J z3~ ;TDUWJ15111 oJ J(v~,~,lJav~, . 8. eooodaa~J EggO~JN~d CS~ C~O~~dN d ;:;JtiZ czc d1WNJL tQn8. 9 . tNo`S7c ;7e,Oz5JdJ Z3~JdJT~d otJ(dwJ~ 7C oJrjt(vJl UE~JdJ=Jd ;J(&3JJe; CB10 .

O~ P_9 = let us make o~S~~Jo~LjJ2 3. dsdS od . ,TDZ~J otj dJ2 make (you) let them make SYNTAX Personal Pronouns of the Third Person (Demonstrative Pronouns) The pronouns this man, he, that man, he ; ts4o3JJ, this woman, she ; ej=So3JJ, that woman, she, are used in respectful speech . 'a~NJ, and their feminine forms are used only of inferiors by superiors . The plural forms atoJ, utOJ, are, however, used in_ all circumstances, as the more honorific forms mentioned above have no plurals. e . , e4, ~adoi3d), etc .

Inst. Dat. Gen. Loc. Voc. ~L a woman eoorl4i~ d a woman 80A%~oc~ by or from a woman "&or~'%A to a woman 8ort%N of a woman &M99 in a woman &ANA O woman Nom. Acc. Inst. Dat. Gen. Loc, Voc . z8ori;dW women z8wi'~d~a women z8ot~,'X)oc~ by or from women z8w~-,'jDA to women 8orit of women aooA,0Q in women z8orixde O women Nom. Acc. Inst . Dat. Gen. Loc. Voc. ) Crude form-dr~ ;~L child SINGULAR a 1 Or IdJaXod . WQ in children ~~Jri e O children syllabled noun ending in ero rank as long vowels for the purposes of this declension : 4d) growing crop, and 37~dJ bran, are declined like $~d.

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