By Frank Warren

ISBN-10: 0061238600

ISBN-13: 9780061238604

The award-winning PostSecret project's such a lot profound and attractive postcards up to now

For the previous 3 years Frank Warren has invited humans of all backgrounds and nationalities to ship him creatively embellished postcards bearing secrets and techniques they've got by no means ahead of printed. He has shared those PostSecrets on his award-winning weblog,, in an the world over touring paintings express, and in 3 electrifying books: the bestselling PostSecret, My Secret, and The mystery Lives of guys and Women.

Now, in his such a lot awesome publication but, Warren back delves into our collective confessions, featuring a never-before-seen choice of provocative and relocating PostSecrets. A life of Secrets lays naked our inner most fears, hopes, regrets, and needs, from humans as younger as 8 and as previous as 80. From painful admissions of infidelity to breathtaking revelations and endearing sentiments, Warren’s most recent assortment will surprise and circulation readers of all ages, revealing secrets and techniques that experience haunted their creators for a lifetime.

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