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In A Syntax of Substance, David Adger proposes a brand new method of word constitution that eschews useful heads and labels buildings exocentrically. His suggestion concurrently simplifies the syntactic approach and restricts the diversity of attainable buildings, ruling out the ever present (remnant) roll-up derivations and forcing a separation of arguments from their obvious heads. This new method has a couple of empirical outcomes, which Adger explores within the area of relational nominals throughout diverse language households, together with Germanic, Romance, Celtic, Polynesian, and Semitic. He indicates that the relationality of such nouns as hand, edge, or mother -- which appear to have as a part of their that means a relation among components -- is admittedly a part of the syntactic illustration during which they're used instead of an inherent a part of their that means. This empirical consequence follows without delay from the recent syntactic procedure, as does a singular research of PP enhances to nouns and possessors. Given this, he argues that nouns can, as a rule, be considered easily necessities of substance, differentiating them from real predicates.

A Syntax of Substance bargains an cutting edge contribution to debates in theoretical syntax in regards to the nature of syntactic representations and the way they hook up with semantic interpretation and linear order.

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The role of the syntactic relations of i-complement and i-specifier is to impose a semantic ordering of operations. I will also assume that the interpretation of a case where a label recurses involves the identity function (even though the syntactic relation is an i-complement relation). This gives us:4 (22) In a structure [γ α β], α optional, a. If β is the i-complement of γ, where label(γ)>label(β) then [[γ]] = [[[label(γ)]]◦([[β]])]◦([[α]]) b. If β is the i-complement of γ, where label(γ)=label(β) then [[γ]] = [[β]]◦([[α]]) Here ◦ is a variable over any combinatory rule.

Dependent in the representational system of Brody and Szabolcsi (2003). However, the definitions here do share an important commonality with the standard view, in that i-specifier is the elsewhere case. I-complements are assigned when a conjunction of requirements is met (both the mother and daughter constituent are in the same REP, the daughter is lower or equal in that REP, and no other daughter is in the same REP), whereas the definition of i-specifier is parasitic 46 Chapter 3 on successful assignment of the i-complement relation.

Merge y with y = {y, y} = {y}. Merge {{x}} with {y} = {{{x}}, {y}}. The immediate issue to address now is that of the label of these various constituents. , the only LI is x). If it is heads that provide labels, and all structure needs to be labeled, then we could rule out unary branching structures (see Kayne 2010). However, I want to pursue here the idea that the effect of iterated Self Merge is to create an extended projection of the initial root category in the absence of any further merger of heads.

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