By Virginia Evans, Jenny Dooley

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ISBN-13: 9781848621961

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Go) to bed because she .......... (be) very tired. • Used to - Would - Be/Get used to 3 2 3 Study the sentences (1· 3) and answer the uestions. He used to travel a lot. He travelled to London yesterday. He is used to travelling. a) Which sentences refer to the present/past? In which sentence can we use 'would'? b) Can we use 'used to travel' in sentence 2? WhylWhy not? c) Look at sentence 3. What words do we use after 'be used to'? Can we use the same words after 'used to'? • Time Clauses - Time Words 4 a) Circle all the time words you can find in the text.

3 Paula has a cold . She ... ... ......... ...... .. . since yesterday. 4 The house looks nice . They .. ... .. ..... . . . . ...... .. · ·• it for the last month . 6 .. .... .... .. .. for two hours now. 48 5 The ground is wet. It ..... ..... .. .. ....... •.. .. .... .. .... •.. all morning. 6 They're angry. They . ... .. .. .. ..... ........ .. ..... .... . in a queue for more than three hours. Present Perfect vs Present Perfect Continuous Present Perfect Present Perfect Continuous We use the present perfect: • for an action which started in the past and continues up to the present, especially with stative verbs such as have, like, knaw, be, etc.

Be) • objects on the four days ago floor. There they / be / very sad a terrifying experience! That's all my news for now. I 6 Complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first. Use up to three words. 1 They enjoyed themselves a lot at the party last Saturday night. They ~ had a great time at the party last Saturday night. 2 liz got home and then cooked dinner. liz ............................ she got home. 3 How long is it since he broke his arm? When .. ......... ..

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