By Oliver Kamm

ISBN-10: 0297871943

ISBN-13: 9780297871941

Are criteria of English o.k. - or should still that be very well? To knowingly cut up an infinitive or to not? And what approximately finishing a sentence with preposition, or for that topic starting one with 'and'? We research language by means of intuition, yet strong English, the pedants let us know, calls for ideas. but, as Oliver Kamm demonstrates, a few of the purists' prohibitions are bogus and will be cheerfully ignored. ACCIDENCE WILL occur is an authoritative and deeply reassuring advisor to grammar, variety and the linguistic conundrums all of us face.

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Next page > < previous page page_i next page > Page i 40 How Reference Works < previous page page_i If you like this book, buy it! next page > < previous page page_41 next page > Page 41 Chapter 3 The Figure-Ground Model: Varieties of Contexts I. Three Types of Contextual Containment A theory of indexicals requires a theory of context, because indexicals refer on the basis of contexts. In the previous chapter, only the physical surroundings were treated as background contexts containing referents.

Then it may seem that this must hold for referring to an individual in some other possible world also. The present explanation of the rigidity of indexical reference agrees with Kaplan's (1989a) in not requiring that the referent exist < previous page page_38 If you like this book, buy it! next page > < previous page page_39 next page > Page 39 in possible worlds in order for it to be talked about in relation to them, 34 for example: 31. If all life forms had been extinguished on earth thirty years ago, then this dog would not exist.

Here, the (B) version seems preferable because it retains the status of (23) as a pure question, whereas the (A) version changes (23) into a conjunction of an assertion and a question. Also, if there were no tall person (or more than one tall person) in the direction indicated by the speaker, then an appropriate reply to the (A) analysis of (23) would be "That is false"; since this reply is intuitively inappropriate, it seems that (23 B) is the better analysis of (23). These examples (22) and (23) show that the predication model does not motivate the presence or absence of an existential quantifier ranging over the description, but instead this question is settled in an ad hoc manner.

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