By Liliane Haegeman

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Adverbial Clauses, major Clause Phenomena, and Composition of the Left outer edge uses the cartographic conception to check the left outer edge of the English clause and examine it to the left-peripheral buildings of different languages. Liliane Haegeman argues that the multiple floor features of those languages (primarily English and Romance, but in addition Gungbe, Hungarian, Hebrew, Dutch, and others) should be defined through common constraints, and that a similar constructions observe around the languages. Haegeman specializes in major clause transformations--movement operations that may in simple terms happen in major clauses.

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However, the patterns in (40) usually lead to a degradation or to unacceptability in English, as shown in (41), which illustrates some instantiations. The same point is made in Breul (2004: 199–205). (41a) illustrates what would be multiple topics; (41b) illustrates the sequence focus–topic; (41c–e) illustrate the sequence wh-phrase– topic (41c) illustrates an embedded pattern, and (41d) and (41e) illustrate root patterns, with two variants. In (41d), the auxiliary precedes the topic, and in (41e) it follows the topic.

In how many countries, that kind of behaviour, autocratic leaders would simply not tolerate! (Radford 2009a : 283, (14b)). b. In how many countries of the world, such behaviour under no circumstances would autocratic leaders tolerate! (Radford 2009a : 328, (14c)) c. *In how many countries autocratic leaders would never tolerate this? d. In how many countries would autocratic leaders never tolerate this? 4 Wh-topic: embedded clauses When the sequence wh-phrase–topic (41c) is embedded, it is excluded for many speakers: (46) a.

Thus, leaving the issue of recursion open, a reduced template could be proposed along the following lines: (37) b. ForceP > TopP (*) > FocP > FinP We might also propose that there is parametric variation between English and, say, Italian, since the latter apparently allows the sequence focus–topic (cf. (25b–e)) as well as multiple topics. However, proposing a reduced template to account for the restricted distribution of the topic in English may not be a wise move because much of what this would achieve follows from independent principles.

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