By Richard H. Vollmerhausen

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Advancing expertise in detector arrays, flat panel screens, and electronic photo processing offers new possibilities to extend imaging purposes and increase process functionality. Technical managers and layout engineers are confronted with comparing the associated fee, weight, and function of an ever-expanding number of expertise thoughts. This instructional textual content offers the speculation, approaches, and knowledge essential to overview and evaluate the functionality of accessible imaging applied sciences. half I updates the sooner paintings offered in research of Sampled Imaging structures (2000). half II discusses functionality evaluate of electro-optical imagers. half III offers machine courses (on a supplemental CD-ROM) and updated info on detector arrays, optics, and exhibit suggestions. The booklet covers numerous show codecs and interfaces, and offers distinct details on on hand focal airplane arrays (FPAs). specific emphasis is put on concept and perform for the big variety of accessible infrared FPAs. applied sciences represented contain InSb, HgCdTe, QWIP, and uncooled thermal arrays. details is supplied at the quantum potency, blur, crosstalk, and noise features of every expertise. The detector and array dimensions of accessible FPAs are supplied. the knowledge on optics, reveal, and FPA subassemblies permits the version consumer to make quickly and life like functionality tests of electro-optical imager designs.

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9). 01 are zeroed out in order to give perspective to the error plot. 08 larger than the separable MTF for frequencies less than the band limit. Also, the separable MTF allows frequency content that is beyond the diffraction bandlimit. Two measures are useful in quantifying MTF. The first is Shade’s equivalent bandwidth Ne, which is the total sine-wave power passed by the MTF. The second metric is integrated signal Isig to the first zero. Bandwidth beyond the first zero is generally not useful for imaging.

Fourier domain analysis is used because it provides accurate results with reduced computation. 3 Reducing LSI Imager Analysis to One Dimension It is common to analyze imagers separately in the horizontal and vertical directions. The two-dimensional imager MTF is assumed to be the product of horizontal and vertical MTFs. This assumption reduces two-dimensional Fourier integrals to two one-dimensional Fourier integrals. The one-dimensional treatment, therefore, saves computation. The separability assumption is almost never satisfied, even in the simplest cases; assuming separability virtually always leads to some error in the result.

The MTF is given by Eq. 13). 9 Plot of Hdiamond given by Eq. 10 Two-dimensional MTF error associated with using Eq. 14) to represent a rotated square detector. As expected, the diamond MTF has unrealistically good frequency response at high spatial frequencies, but also has poorer than actual frequency response at midband. Hdiamond passes 18% more sine-wave energy, and Isig is 9% larger than the actual two-dimensional MTF of the rotated detector. Another common simplification is to use real MTF and avoid dealing with complex numbers.

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