By Richard H. Vollmerhausen

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Advances in good country detector arrays, flat panel screens, and electronic photo processing have brought on an expanding number of sampled imaging items and probabilities. those know-how advancements offer new possibilities and difficulties for the layout engineer and process analyst--this tutorial's meant reader.

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24) The Fourier transform of the impulse response gives the transfer function of the sample and hold operation H det _ sh (ξ, η) = sinc( DAS x ξ ). 25) The Fourier transform of the impulse function in the y direction is 1. 12. 12 Detector sample and hold impulse response (left) and transfer function (right). 3 Electronic filtering The electronic filtering function is one of the more difficult to characterize and one of the more loosely applied functions. First, it involves the conversion of spatial frequencies to temporal frequencies.

Sampled imager response function 51 This desirable frequency content is often refered to as the baseband spectrum or simply baseband. 6 The pre-sample image spectrum F(ξ) is replicated at all integer multiples of the sample frequency. The displayed image spectrum is the product of the display MTF Pix(ξ) and all of the replicated spectra including the original F(ξ) at the spatial frequency origin. The Fourier transform of the sampling artifacts is that part of the image spectrum that is found by multiplying the display MTF by all of the replicated spectra except the one located at the origin.

Sample spacing is X and sampling continues throughout all space. The x = 0 origin is a sample point. part of which is sampled. In the derivation below, f(x) must represent only the sampled part of the scene, and F(ξ) is the Fourier transform of that limited (windowed) f(x). The x = 0 origin is a sample point. The origin of the scene is offset by a distance d; this allows the sample phase to be explicitly included in the mathematical derivation. That is, we want the mathematics to tell us what happens when the pre-sample image is moved with respect to the sample points.

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