By И. А. Ричардс, Кристина М. Гибсон

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Or Do we/you have . .? 질문 question 23. 네. 있어요. Yes, I have (a question). Yes, there are. 24. 아니오. 없어요. No, I haven’t. Explanation: 없어요 There does not exist or I/we/one does not have. 25. 십 분만 쉽시다. Let’s rest for ten minutes. Explanation: 십 ten (a different word, but with the same meaning as 열); 분 minute; 십 분 10 minutes; 십 분만 (to the extent of) 10 minutes; ten minutes (only); 쉽시다 Let’s rest. 26. 늦어서 죄송합니다. Sorry I’m late. Explanation: 늦어서 I am late, and so . . Because I am late, . . Basic Expressions II: Transcription 1.

H below one wŏn (Korean currency) tale, legend one 8/24/12 10:44:05 AM 26 LESSON THREE: Korean Writing and Basic Pronunciation b) But before y or i, the friction may be between the middle front of the tongue and the hard palate, giving a soft sound close to the German ich. 혀 힘 c) tongue strength And between voiced sounds (m, n, 1 and vowels) the h is weak, and often drops, especially when preceded by ŋ (the ng sound in singer) or n and followed by i or y. 시험 안녕히 많이 전혀 [시험 or 시엄] [안녕이] [마니] [저녀] examination in good health much, lots [not] at all s ㅅ s as in soul, but relaxed and somewhat weak.

For example, e (as in get) becomes ye (as in yes). ) yæ ㅒ ya as in yap or Yankee ye ㅖ ye as in yep Finally, the following combinations give w plus VOWEL. , it has the same pronunciation as ㅚ above) This concludes all the vowel sounds possible in Korean. Any written syllable in 한글 (han’gŭl) must begin with a consonant sign. In order for these vocalic signs to form the nucleus of a syllable (remember that the Koreans write in syllable blocks), they must attach to the side of or below a consonant sign.

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