By Natalie Goldstein

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The animals suck the nectar through the hole without ever touching the pollen. Anyone who has seen a squirrel knows that they love to eat tree seeds, or nuts. Nuts are seeds that are encased in a hard covering, or nut shell. Nuts contain nutrients meant to feed the sprouting plant as it grows. Many types of rodents, including mice and chipmunks, also eat nuts and the seeds of other plants. Blue jays are birds that help spread nuts over a wide area. The birds collect nuts in the fall. They bury them in the ground to save them for the winter.

Bears have poor eyesight, but keen hearing. In several national parks in the western United States, hikers are advised to wear bells in remote parts of the park, where bears live. If a hiker suddenly appears in front of a bear, the bear may panic and attack. The bells allow bears to hear approaching hikers while they are still far away. Usually, the sound of a bell will send a bear scurrying away. This may not be a great way to see a grizzly bear, but it’s a fi ne way to avoid being attacked by one.

Owls also use patience and stealth when hunting. An owl waits until its prey is in an open area where it can be easily caught. The owl’s silent wings allow it to scoop up the prey before the animal realizes what’s happening. Most predators rely on patience and stealth, but a few do exactly the opposite. 3 kilograms), but it hunts rabbits that weigh 10 times as much. A stoat creeps through the grass until it’s near a rabbit. Then it suddenly sits up and begins to “dance,” leaping up and down and swirling around as if chasing its own tail.

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