By Desmond Morris

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Robert D. 5 in [41 cm]; body mass: males 2 1b 10 oz [1,190 g]; females 2 1b 7 oz [1,110 g]) Number of genera, species 4 genera; 20 species Habitat Inhabit a wide spectrum of forest and woodland types, from dry, thorny scrub to evergreen tropical rainforest Conservation status Endangered: 1 species; Lower Risk/Near Threatened: 6 species; Data Deficient: 2 species Distribution Widespread occurrence throughout Africa Evolution and systematics For several decades, all bushbaby (or galago) species were generally allocated to the single genus Galago, but it was eventually recognized that there are major differences between the species and up to 4 different genera are now recognized (Euoticus, Galago, Galagoides, and Otolemur).

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