By Gregory I. Bain (auth.), Francisco Piñal, Riccardo Luchetti, Christophe Mathoulin (eds.)

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Seeing is believing. this can be the name of a brand new crusade promoted by means of the overseas business enterprise for Prevention of Blindness to elevate money to assist take on avoidable lack of sight in poorly built international locations, really an admirable initiative. This publication can have used an identical leitmotiv: in the event you see what occurs inside a joint, it is possible for you to to think on your patient’s signs. however it wouldn't be correct. Arthroscopy isn't really in the market simply to make a analysis; it was once no longer built simply to certify that the patient’s lawsuits are in keeping with anything actual. Arthroscopy was once brought to assist sufferers, to make our remedies extra trustworthy, to have greater keep an eye on of our p- cedures. it's only a device, certainly, yet a fabulous one that not anyone should still und- ranking between all surgical strategies we've in terms of fixing wrist trauma. Seeing is knowing. this may be one other leitmotiv for those authors’ c- paign to get extra hand surgeons to include arthroscopy of their practices. definitely, studying those newly built concepts support knowing the patient’s difficulties. yet back, that assertion could even be deceptive for no longer regularly what we see during the scope is the genuine explanation for disorder. The enemy could be outdoor of the capsular enclosure. certainly, arthroscopy presents plenty of precious inf- mation, however the health professional needn't settle for biased interpretations of the patient’s pr- lem established basically on what appears to be like at the screen.

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7 mm 30° angled scope along with a camera 2 Portals and Methodology 19 attachment is used along with some method of overhead traction. The structures that should be visualized as a part of a standard exam include the radius articular surface, the proximal scaphoid and lunate, the volar carpal ligaments, the scapholunate (SLIL) and lunotriquetral (LTIL) interosseous ligaments, and the triangular fibrocartilaginous complex (TFCC). It is the author’s practice to establish the dorsal portals first and then start the arthroscopic examination with the VR portal in order to visualize the palmar SLIL and the DRCL to minimize artifact secondary to iatrogenic trauma to the dorsal capsular structures.

B1 radius, sagittal; B2 radius, frontal, dorsal rim; B3 radius, frontal, volar rim. Group C complete articular fracture of radius. 3 The classification of Doi: 2-part fractures. (a) Vertical line; (b) horizontal line; (c) dorsal rim; (d) 3-part fractures; and (e) 4-part fractures 30 classifications, this system simply and accurately describes the status of the joint surface, thereby providing an intuitive and practical guideline for the arthroscopy and reduction-fixation procedure. Indications and Contraindications Relative indications include: 1.

Martin CH, Seiler JG III, Lesesne JS. The cutaneous ­innervation of the palm: an anatomic study of the ulnar and median nerves. J Hand Surg [Am]. 1996;21:634–8 15. McCabe SJ, Kleinert JM. The nerve of Henle. J Hand Surg [Am]. 1990;15:784–8 16. Mehta JA, Bain GI, Heptinstall RJ. Anatomical reduction of intra-articular fractures of the distal radius. An arthroscopically-assisted approach. J Bone Joint Surg Br. 2000;82: 79–86 17. Omokawa S, Ryu J, Tang JB, Han J. Vascular and neural anatomy of the thenar area of the hand: its surgical applications.

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