By Betty Schrampfer Azar

Simple English Grammar is a developmental talents textual content for college kids of English as a moment or overseas language. Serving as either a reference and a workbook, it introduces scholars to the shape, that means, and utilization of easy buildings in English. It offers plentiful perform via large and sundry written and oral workouts.

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0) . , , walk to the bathroom (k) watchTV ">' 7. I (i) pickup my books ,. 6. . +I,', 1 (g) take a showerbath - . , , . 9. D~LL, 10. . . %,. -,. 11. (1) look in the mirror &P->:&T7 -- - ----y 12. i I I :$ (m) turn off the alarm dock i-lr-? 13. < ---I4 i (n) go to the kitchenithe cafeteria -Iz, I 14. I i --I 15. C(p) say good-bye to my o o t e 16. ,n:,,. : I (t) stretch, yawn, and rub my eyes 19. 8%. ;i 20. 21. EXPRESSING PRESENT TIME (PART 1) . "75% FREQUENCY f SUBJECT (a) (b) (c) (dl (e + ADVERB always I*PUOUY often sometimes seldom Bob Mary We I They ( f Anna (g) 1 newer seldom sometimes 75%-25% SIMPLE PRESENT VERB m s to class.

7. I have a grammar book. It's red. My di 8. My book is red, and your book is red too. <. 9. An egg isn't square. It's oval. 10. Tina has three sons. She is at home today. They are at school. Her sons are good 36 4 CHAPTER 1 PART III: Find the P R W O S ~ O N A LPHRASES. prep. phr. 11. Libya is in Africa. 12. Po is from Beijing. 13. My books are on my desk. 14. I'm at school. ,II', , . , , I : I 15. My middle finger is between my index fmger and my ring fmger. I I IVIII. ;qt EXERCISE 51-REVIEW: ...

The Mississippi River 10. Mexico City USING BEAND HAVE 25 (a) I ( b ) You ( c ) She ( d ) He ( e ) It have have has hns has I PLURAL SINGULAR apen. a pen. a pen. apen. blue ink. haue pens. (g) You have pens. (h) They have pens. ( f ) We we 1+ i? } it + have has EXERCISE 33: Complete the sentences. Use have and has. 1. We haw 2. I grammar books. a dictionary. 3. Kate a blue pen. She a blue notebook too. 4. You a pen in your pocket. 5. Bob a notebook on his desk. 6. Anna and Bob 7. Sarnir is a student in our class.

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